PastureTech at the AFA AGM

We were pleased to take part in this year’s Alberta Federation of Agriculture (AFA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Red Deer, AB, where so many great minds in agriculture technology were sharing their ideas and visions for the future.

Rick McConnell of DYMAC Risk Management Solutions Ltd. shared our work with those in attendance through a presentation he warmed up at the Alberta Beef Producers meeting last December. Rick provided an overview of our two projects, including the challenges we are trying to solve and the research we are conducting.

Rick McConnell of DYMAC Risk Management shares his thoughts on pasture production at the AFA AGM.

Rick presenting our projects at the AFA Annual General Meeting

In regards to our satellite imaging project, he outlined our primary challenge of finding a way to scan pasture more affordably (with less detail) with the same confidence afforded us by imaging of a finer (and more expensive) resolution. So, in addition to finding a way to quantify pasture production, we also want to determine the accuracy of our accessible satellite resources.

Rick also shared details on how we are collecting moisture data at our various sample sites to help calibrate our hydrology model. We hope that with this information, we’ll be able to establish a moisture “rating” for pasture insurance designs that will quantify adequate moisture for healthy pasture.

Reception of the projects was positive, and Rick enjoyed a number of lively conversations with attendees who expressed interest in our work. We plan to continue to attend conferences like these in hopes of spreading the word and to collect important feedback from producers.

If you’d like to get a taste of some of the other ideas that were shared at this year’s AFA AGM, visit the AFA blog where they’ve posted a recap:

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