A Visual Tour of the Hargrave Ranch

Throughout the year, our research team will try to take some photos of the ranches we visit to give you a better idea of the conditions of the pasture we sample, and to put our research in context. The ranches we visit are operated by the men and women for whom our satellite and hydrology projects are dedicated. It is they who we hope will ultimately benefit from our research.

While visiting the Hargrave Ranch in mid-May, the team collected some pictures of the ranch and surrounding area. The Hargrave Ranch consists of two properties–one north of Walsh on the Alberta side of the Alberta-Saskatchewan border northeast of Medicine Hat. That half is 28,000 acres. The other property is about an hour away from the first, and is roughly 30,000 acres in size.

You can scroll through the images using the slideshow below, and click on select photos to read their complete captions.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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