Aquanty Expands Research into Manitoba

Keeping busy as always, our hydrology consultants at Aquanty have been working with the Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association (MFGA) “to develop new risk management tools to reduce the impact of extreme flood or drought events for the agricultural industry within the basin by identifying preventative measures” (Terri Eger, Westman Journal).

As the Westman Journal reported back in June, Aquanty is using the Assiniboine sub-basin as a test site for their computer-generated HydroGeoSphere simulation platform. The MFGA hopes their work with Aquanty will lead to “implementing risk prevention and mitigation activities” against catastrophic water events and an ability to “[lessen] the need for government disaster programming in response to such events” (Eger).

The PastureTech group is also hoping their research with Aquanty will allow for a smaller government role in catastrophic water events, but we are hoping to work towards viable risk management strategies that could help insurance providers protect land owners and producers against losses sustained due to flood and/or drought.

Read the complete overview of the MFGA/Aquanty project in the Westman Journal:


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