Montana Rancher Balances Irrigation Needs with Local Conservation

Read how one Montana rancher has worked with local environmental authorities to not only reclaim grassland trampled by cattle, but also improve the wellbeing of her cattle and the longevity of her ranch.

Here’s a quick excerpt from the story:

Cows in general don’t want to be too far from their water. Under the old program, that meant they were never very far from the creek. But with water available any time in the tanks – and the tanks located farther out in each pasture – the cows were more dispersed. They were grazing areas regularly that in the past were grazed inconsistently…

Without constant visits from the cows, South Meadow Creek is restoring itself. The wide, shallow streambed has begun to narrow and deepen, and the stream’s meanders are becoming more defined, creating pools where trout want to live. The steady increase in plant growth has stabilized the banks and halted erosion.

Read the full story from

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